Hope for babies

When Tiffany and her husband, Shane, had their first child they realized how expensive caring for their child’s basic needs would be. Diapers and formula cost more than they ever imagined! They knew that the cost could be a challenge for some families and wanted to help with that cost. After researching local charities, they realized there wasn’t a charity in Denton County that helped with formula, diapers and wipes. They were even more surprised to find that diapers could not be purchased with WIC or SNAP. So, they decided to help fill this void by creating Hope for Babies which will operate under New Hope Counseling. Hope for Babies will provide formula, diapers and wipes to families in need at no cost. 

If you are in need of formula, diapers or wipes for your child please complete the intake form below and email it to, we will contact you either by phone or email the next business day. Completing this form will allow us to ensure that we have the proper size diaper in stock that you need.  

*Please allow up to 24hrs to process. 

**If you would like to donate to this cause, please see the link below. Any donation is greatly appreciated!



-There are currently no programs that will help cover the cost of diapers for families.

- When faced with a limited supply parents will try to make their diaper stash last longer by increasing the time between diaper changes. 

- Failure to change your baby’s diaper frequently enough can cause an increased risk for health problems such as diaper rash, yeast infections, bladder infections, and staph infections.

-  Child abuse is more likely to happen when babies cry non-stop because they are continually wearing a dirty diaper.  

Hope for babies intake form

New Hope Babies Intake Form (docx)


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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