Family counseling


Family therapy is a form of therapy dedicated to reducing distress and conflict by improving the communication and relationships within a family system. Family therapy is aimed to resolve tension and build supportive environments for each member of a family system.



Family counseling focuses on the relationships and dynamics within the family system. Family therapy provides opportunities for family systems to resolve conflict in a safe, open environment. family counseling aims to provide family with tools to enhance their communication, relationships, and build supportive environments for each member of the family. Families will undoubtedly go through internal and external stressors. Family counseling helps supportive healthy relationships by addressing tension and replacing it with lasting solutions.



Expect a safe, supporting, and confidential environment where a therapist works with your family.

Expect the therapist to identify systems, roles, and functions of the family.

Expect an encouraging environment to relieve tension and address conflict.

Expect to learn long term tools, such as communication, openness, and connectivity.


Family counseling teaches universal skills that many family systems would find valuable, however here are a few examples:

  1. Dealing with Death, Grief, and Loss
  2. Infidelity Recovery
  3. Parenting Strategies
  4. Adjusting to change, moves, or transitions
  5. Resolving familial conflict
  6. Increasing communication
  7. Addressing addiction in the family
  8. Supporting a family member with a mental illness